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E-704 PL kit for telephoto lenses KT PL-E-704

Item # KT PL-E-704


Limited availability.*

*This item is not available for purchase through the Kata Bags web store at this time. Please contact an authorized dealer for product availability and details.


The E-704 PL consists of two lens sleeves; up to 350 and 650 mm long and one hand sleeve to access the lens or to attach a lens support. The E-704 PL is designed to be attached to KATA's E-702 PL, when shooting with extra long zoom or Telephoto lenses. Full length closure along the bottom rim enables quick setup and seals the tripod connection while providing an option to access the lens controls at any given point. For sealed access, the hand sleeve can be connected wherever convenient. The adjustable stiff hood at the end of the lens sleeves fits itself snuggly to a variety of lens diameters.

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